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This webpage contents reflect a tribute and admiration of my father, Dr.Akkaraju Venkata Subrahmanya Sarma (1909 to 1958), a brilliant physician, the first London Trained Pediatrician (1939) that had to leave UK due to onset of World War II and could not purse more advanced work. Besides medicine, he was a prolific english writer, translating great Telugu literary materials and music into Telugu metre from English. His premature loss has been hard for all of us. A second tribute to Dhurjati Subba Rao, PhD, and (1931-2009) is in order. He has given a very insightful cultural history of Dhurjati lineage and reading the contents will open your eyes to how much lineage history is critical. It needs to be documented before the forces of cultural changes make us lose it all. This web work is a collective effort of many and word processing help in New Delhi (by Dhurjati Krishna) and in Chennai (by my family). The old photographs used were the best I could put together, as photographs in tropical India do not keep well at all. I was able re-photograph and digitalize a few and have used them. If you have better photographs, do contact me. The web contents are open for your suggestions. While I have gained a fledgling knowledge of web design and this work was enhanced with overwhelming help from my nephew and niece, Mallikharjun and Kanthi. I thank them. Finally, nothing would have been possible without the support of Mrs.Akkaraju (nee Dhurjati) Kameswari, who put up with my needs for years. Our children (Bani, Manju and Lalitha) have helped me in many of my endeavors. The contents will be updated periodically. Please contact me. Kindly pardon for any inaccuracies and point them out. I will update the errors, add more pictures to the gallery, add more short vignettes to lineages mentioned in Dr.Subba Rao’s materials and literary contributions from family members. I will do so between my professional obligations and my commitment to serve the Hindu-Jain community at Bharatiya Temple (www.b-temple.org) in U.S.

Hari Om,

Akkaraju (Venkata Nagarjuna) Sarma, MD, PhD, FAAFP.,
Huntingdon Valley,
Pa. 19006.

19 Bagirathiammal Street,
Theagarayanagar, Chennai 60017.
Tamil Nadu.

Dr. Akkaraju VS Sarma Dr. Dhurjati Subba Rao
AVS in Europe 1940 subbarao001